How much do Christmas cost? Where can you get money for it?

Christmas is associated with a pleasant wait, Christmas tree, gifts, beautiful smells of traditional dishes, but also with large expenses. The preparation and organization of holidays is a significant financial burden for most Polish households.

Christmas is a special time in Poland, therefore, Poles rarely save on holidays. It is at Christmas that you buy the best. How much do Christmas really cost? Where can you get money to organize them?

How much do Christmas cost?

How much do Christmas cost?

The report on expenses for Christmas was prepared by the audit company Deloitte. Statistical surveys were conducted in 2017. The collected data are still valid.

Deloitte has determined that in 2017, a statistical household planned to spend an average of PLN 882 on the organization of Christmas. However, this is an average value and as you know, some families can spend much more, while others definitely less. From year to year, however, a certain trend can be observed. Poles declare that they are spending more and more money on preparing Christmas.

The reasons for the increase in spending on holidays include rising wages, lower unemployment, social benefits for large families of 500+, but also an increase in food prices. Some families buy exactly the same amount of Christmas products they bought a few years ago, and a significant increase in prices has led to their spending on Christmas rising.

The research conducted by Deloitte also shows that Poles are more and more eager to do Christmas shopping online. Holiday gifts are bought earlier to avoid spending last minute. It was also noted that the most popular Christmas present in 2017 was books.

Christmas expenses – what do we spend the most on?

Christmas expenses - what do we spend the most on?

According to the Deloitte report, holiday expenses are divided into three basic groups. As you can easily guess, these are:

  • groceries
  • gifts
  • Christmas meetings


According to the Deloitte study on groceries for the holidays in 2017, Poles planned to spend an average of 342 zlotys. The amount of spending depends on several factors. Among other things, how many dishes we plan to prepare or whether we spend the holidays at home, or visit our loved ones.

Expenses for holiday food also depend on whether we prepare the dishes ourselves or use the offer of a catering company. In the second case, the costs of organizing holidays can increase significantly. Some sellers raise prices for popular products during the Christmas season, including fish, meat, cake and alcohol.

Christmas presents

Surveys collected by Deloitte indicate that in 2017 Poles planned to spend an average of PLN 451 on Christmas presents. This is over 50% of the declared holiday budget. The amount of spending on gifts depends, among others on the number of recipients and the value of the gifts themselves. The more people, as a rule, the greater the expenditure on gifts.

The most frequently bought gifts include:

  • books
  • cosmetics
  • alcohol
  • clothes
  • computer games
  • shopping vouchers
  • jewelry
  • toys for kids

Christmas meetings

Christmas meetings generate additional costs. We usually buy alcohol or gifts for loved ones and friends. Sometimes we also prepare dishes for the meeting. On Christmas, we prefer to use taxi drivers who bring us to meetings and bring us back home. According to the Deloitte survey, the average total cost of a Christmas meeting is PLN 89.

Is it worth saving for Christmas?

Is it worth saving for Christmas?

Christmas is a special time of the year. Is it worth saving on them? Worth it, but wisely and with a head. Just search for promotions and use them, e.g. buy gifts. Many shops tempt you with attractive bargains before Christmas. However, the product price should be checked, e.g. on the Internet, to be sure that it is actually promotional. Internet search engines and price comparison websites can help you find attractive offers.

However, we should not save on Christmas by denying ourselves everything – food, gifts, pleasures or meetings with loved ones. This is a magical time to enjoy among your loved ones. Bonds and pleasant memories will accompany us throughout the year.

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